Julien Coudray 1518: Manufacture de grande horlogerie

Paying tribute to the heritage of an exceptional personality who lived 500 years ago by launching the brand bearing his name in 2012, Julien Coudray 1518 is positioning itself firmly at the peak of fine watchmaking and perpetuating the tradition of the first horologers through its independence. The latter is indeed evinced in terms of both design and production, thanks to an integrated “Manufacture”.

The brand signature – Manufacture de grande horlogerie – reflects a three-fold ambition. The first is to revive the grand horological tradition while subtly conveying a “royal” touch entirely in tune with the history of the name Julien Coudray. The second is to create a surprise effect by invoking differentiating brand values. The third is to draw present and future clients into a dimension beyond techniques or reason: that of emotions – because the term “grand” evokes fine craftsmanship, a rare spirit, a different way of envisaging horology.