News About Julien Coudray 1518

Julien Coudray 1518 Manufactura 1528 Masterpiece "Tableaux d'Art" Collection

30 June 2014

The exceptional “miniature” technique, reserved for the most skilled enamellers, is a subtle blend between miniature painting and enamelling. Applied by individual spots, each particle will find its place in a tribute to the painting of Jean-Daniel Ihly “Genève, La Rade” from 1890, coming together in exquisite harmony, which is given a timeless unalterable quality by firing.


Julien Coudray 1518 Manufactura 1528 Tribute to Jean-Daniel Ihly

10 June 2014

Julien Coudray 1518 is a young Swiss brand manufacturing the most beautiful timepieces in the purest Fine Watchmaking tradition...


Interview du mois : Michael Clerizo, écrivain - Montres Actualité

6 May 2014

Né aux Etats-Unis et installé en Angleterre, Michael Clerizo est un personnage singulier. Esthète (« Bon Viveur » dirait-il) et passionné d’horlogerie, il rédige entre autre des articles pour le Wall Street Journal et pour les magazines horlogers spécialisés.


julien Coudray 1518 Vidéo. Baselworld 2014 - World Tempus

5 May 2014

Avec Fabien Lamarche, CEO de julien Coudray 1518, découvrez les nouveautés de la marque présentées à Baselworld 2014.


Weekly Watch Photo: Julien Coudray Competentia 1515 - Monochrome

4 May 2014

Weekly Watch Photo is back, only to show you some beautiful watches and nice photos, for the sake of the art. We’ve already presented you the entire collection of Julien Coudray 1528, including this Tourbillon. And we told you; this watch is a masterpiece of traditional watchmaking. So we’ve been to the manufacture, visited the workshop and grabbed one of their watches, that adorned one of our contributor’s wrists during Baselworld. So sit back and relax. Here is the Competentia 1515 in Red Gold.