Fine craftsmanship
and craftsmen

From conception through to hand decoration, from cutting to thermal treatment, from traditional grand feu enamelling through to miniature painting, along with crafting the watch hands and assembling the components, a total of over 40 people representing as many professions pool their talents in designing, producing and assembling the brand’s entire range of watches and movements. Having secured the services of individuals with top-rate skills, Julien Coudray 1518 is firmly attached to the tiny details that make all the difference. With this in mind, it is committed to developing the tradition of hand-made in-house workmanship performed part by part and component by component – such as the JC 1518 wheels and escapement – and to personalising its products. The Manufacture also strives to perpetuate the quest for uncompromising excellence, particularly through state-of-the-art technologies and movements made in solid gold or platinum, depending on the version.

1. The Creation
2. The Research and Development
3. The Realisation of the prototype
4. The machining
5. The profile-turning
6. The thermal treatment
7. The cutting
8. The Burnishing
9. The decoration
10. The bevelling
11. The engraving
12. The enamelling
13. The manufacturing of the dial and the hands
14. The manufacturing of the case
15. The assembling
16. The watchmaking
17. The setting
18. The manufacturing of the tools
19. The manufacturation of the presentation box